Origin Consulting is a Johannesburg-based BEE compliant labour broker.

We provide full spectrum, specialist labour broking services at affordable rates. Using economies of scale and sharing the cost of our hr specialists among clients, we make professional human resource services accessible to clients who otherwise would not be able to afford it and more cost effective to those who can.

As labour broker we supply and manage contract staff-, temporary- and permanent employees for local and international clients. We specialize in the broking and management of warehouse labour, pickers and packers, production workers and administrative office staff. We also gladly labour hire to any industry across all levels.

Local companies who find labour legislation particularly challenging have successfully used labour hire providers to reduce their human resource costs and -risks whilst improving employee relations and production in general.

Entities abroad seeking a partner knowledgeable of local labour laws and cultures with access to human resource networks and CV databases will find that we have what it takes to build and manage their labour hire needs.

Previously disadvantaged individuals and entrepreneurs in general who are keen to explore the world of bussiness but lack knowledge of labour laws or payroll related legislative requirements, use our services to reduce their employment worries so they can focus on making a success of their ventures.

Our clients have gained a competitive advantage by now being able to focus on their core business by having human resource professionals ensure increased productivity, labour stability and discipline with labour hire.

As registered labour broker and employer we take care of the employment process and -administration, enforcement of discipline, payroll, and compliance with the statutory requirements such as deduction and payments of PAYE, UIF and the SDL.

All our staff enjoy Workmen Compensation coverage and Unemployment Insurance benefits. Contact us now to discuss your labour hire needs.

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New USA Report

Researchers at the University of South Carolina, the State University of West Georgia, and Temple University conducted the 2002 research. The National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO) and the Society for Human Resources Management(AHRM) sponsored the study, entitled, "HR Outsourcing and the PEO Industry: A Survey of Client Reactions."
The study found 68 percent of the buyers reported significant savings by outsourcing HR to a PEO. Most of the savings generated were the result of reducing the time their staff spent on HR functions. In addition, 89 percent of the respondents (averaging 21 employees) said that utilizing a PEO produced average savings of nine hours per week. That translates into $600 per employee annually, on average.
A professional employer organization is an outsourcing service provider that contractually assumes and manages HR and employer risks for small to mid-sized businesses. Those responsibilities include employment tax, payroll, health insurance, retirement savings plans, and other employee benefits..

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